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Danang Nightlife

Danang Nightlife


Danang gets its utmost beauty when the night comes.  Going on this tour, you will see Danang when it sparkles – The Dragon Bridge, Han Rotation Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge , Nguyen Dinh Hien Traditional Theater( Only available on Saturday and Sunday night) … Our tour guides will narrate the history of all the famous sights of this magnificent city for your enjoyment and learning pleasure.

We start our night with a short walk on Han Rotation Bridge to contemplate the beauty of Danang. We assure that you will truly understand the metaphor “The city of light” which is referred to Danang after sunset. We continue our journey with the Nguyen Dinh Hien Theater – The only theater to preserve Tuong (a kind of Classical Drama formed 800 years ago by Vietnamese artists). This will provide you with a chance to watch the show, take some photos with the artists and have our tour guides tell the history and stories of this unique art form.

Danang is not only “the city of light” but also “The City of love”. You can check it out by traveling to Thuan Phuoc Bridge. As it is the longest and Highest Bridge in the City, when it comes the night, couples will be taking a moonlit walk alongside. For you, travellers, you will definitely be surprised by the spectacular panoramic view over the whole city, which is no less romantic.

Leaving Thuan Phuoc Bridge behind, we will head to Dragon Bridge.  On Saturday and Sunday night, the Dragon will shoot water and fire while residents and visitors are gathering under to enjoy the show. The bridge represents the local people’s aspiration of prosperity and the image for a city on the rise. If time allows, we can also stop by a danang -styled coffee shop to finish the day.

With all that things, “Danang night” will become “Unforgettable night”.

Departure time :  18:00 p.m
Estimated finish time : 21:30 p.m
Inclusion : Free Tour Guide
Exclusion : – Entrance fee – Transportation – Meals -Personal expenses such as : shopping, telephone, beverage.
Note :

  • The dragon fire and water breathing show is only available in Saturday and Sunday night.
  • Nguyen Dinh Hien traditional dance theater only opens in Wednesday and Saturday night.

We recommend you to go by car or taxi. In addition, If you want to gain a new experience of vietnamese daily life, you can choose motorcycle, but this is not recommended due to its unsafety.