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Who We Are?

Have you been to Danang – The young beautiful city on the central coast of Vietnam?

If this is your first time here, please let “Dana Dragon” be your guide. Accompanied by our tour guides, you will learn about the city of Danang and its people in a different way which is not restricted by the limitation of time or money. Moreover, our outstanding services will definitely bring you the best ideas, VIP treatment and a unique outlook over the city.

Who are we?

“Dana Dragon” was founded in 2014 and named after the name of the city and the spectacular “Dragon Bridge”. We are proud to be the first voluntary club to provide tourists with free tours in Danang. Our tour guides and operators who are living and studying in Danang are also are college students, of course there is no doubt about their deep knowledge and understanding about the city. Riding with us means you are not a “lone ranger” and we will do whatever it takes to make your trip here a happy and comfortable one.

“Dana Dragon” is a group of young strong-hearted, fun loving guides who have come together for one purpose: to introduce our city to our foreign friends, tell them about the culture, the customs.

What is our mission?

  • Present the historical and cultural beauty of Danang city and its people.
  • Help college students have a chance to communicate with foreigners in order to improve their language speaking and other soft skills.
  • Assist tourists in gaining interesting experiences. When going on the free tours with our amateur guides who are very enthusiastic, friendly, tourists will not only have numerous opportunities of discovering several tourist attractions but also be able to find out other “Off the beaten track” places in Danang. This will bring them such a complete experience about life, the people of Danang in particular and Vietnamese in General.
  • Develop trust and mutual understanding amongst countries and countries.

What characteristics distinguish us from others ?

  • The thing which catches tourists’ attraction best when they take tours of DANA DRAGON is that they will see Danang through a different prism, which does not resemble other tours from professional travel agents.
  • Time will not be limited and it can be adjusted to each customer’s wish. Consequently, this is considered to be wonderful when the tour guides can feel free to tell different stories about famous and beautiful sights, legends, fairy tales …
  • The relationship between the guides and tourists is not “Supply and demand” but friendship”. Tourists themselves will pay the car fees, entrance tickets …

Our slogan “Be free, be friends” has brought out the meaning: Book a free tour with us and become our friends. Please give us a chance to prove that you are right when choosing us.